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Reporting Forum Abuse

We take abuse reports seriously. If you encounter a forum that you feel might be in violation of our terms of use or the United States or International law, please don't hesitate to email the details to:

Filing a DMCA Notice

Notices not in full compliance with the federal provisions of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Act) will not be reviewed. Please understand the implications and requirements of filing such a claim here: DMCA at Please use the same abuse email address above to contact us regarding a DMCA.

Note Regarding Privacy

All abuse reports will be kept strictly confidential, as will any action taken (if applicable). We do not provide feedback to those reporting forums, but we do look at every single report and act swiftly in the case of violations. Thank you for helping to make ProphpBB a better place!

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Room For Expansion

We can host your company, clan, product support, etc. forum seamlessly and transparently through your own website. You can see some of our featured forums, to the left, enjoy the use of this free service. Learn more. In addition, if you ever decide you need more than we have to offer, we'll happily provide you a full backup of your database.

Your Data Is Safe

Our servers and bandwidth are provided by HostDime in Miami, FL. We maintain automatic daily, weekly, and monthly backups off-site to an S3 instance to ensure your data remains safe. With 99.998% uptime since 2007, could you trust your forum with anyone else?