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1. gopherdailystatics (955 users and 688878 posts)
    FFXI Event coordination

2. fr2db (13366 users and 507559 posts)
    The Official FR2 DB Forum

3. eterniaroleplay (3006 users and 160146 posts)
    Eternia's forum for the roleplay server.

4. narutoc (854 users and 116974 posts)
    Naruto Creation Forums- a place for those that like to hang out and roleplay in the vast NarutoVerse.

5. citadel (9958 users and 106617 posts)
    A Song of Ice and Fire - A total conversion for Crusader Kings 2

6. nsmbxforums (1360 users and 79518 posts)
    The official gathering place of the NSMBX Community!

7. lspdgov (2766 users and 48759 posts)

8. coliseo (629 users and 38652 posts)
    Legend of the 5 Rings

9. rpgaming (470 users and 36016 posts)
    Gaming and Role-Playing

10. theoutpost (59 users and 35926 posts)
    Miniature wargaming

11. darkops (599 users and 35206 posts)
    A soldat clan

12. fireemblemrp (154 users and 34469 posts)
    Where the battlefield is fought through words...

13. epigam (129 users and 31413 posts)
    The best 2D indie gams on the web

14. teamdlogics (636 users and 30538 posts)
    Gaming community

15. jbr (72 users and 26198 posts)
    Formula 1

16. bmmu (99 users and 22451 posts)
    MWO Online

17. thedoomuniverse (106 users and 20251 posts)
    The Doom Universe 3

18. trashmadness (42 users and 19188 posts)
    An RP Game thing called T.R.A.S.H.

19. clanomni (153 users and 17956 posts)
    Adult Gaming Community

20. ltb (551 users and 17479 posts)
    License to Build roleplay

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