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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find some of our more frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to ask in our support forum.

How Can This Be Free?

In exchange for free, managed phpBB 3 hosting we display unobtrusive advertisements on your forum. This advertising may be contextual, banner, or link driven. We respect your forum and will treat you and your users with the utmost respect - no type of advertising will consist of pop-ups, spyware, downloaders or anything of the sort. We know that without our forum admins (that's you!) we wouldn't be here.

Can I Get A Back-Up Of My Forum's Database?

Most certainly. Premium members can download backups from their admin control panel at any time, and free forums can obtain a backup by paying a $3 fee.

Do You Support Other Languages?

Not at this time. Since we only provide support in English (should have paid better attention in French / Spanish class in school, sorry) we're not comfortable offering forums designed for other languages. You can, of course, speak whichever language you're comfortable with however forum text and buttons will display in English only.

Can I Add 'Hacks' To My Forum?

No you cannot, however feel free to suggest such modifications in our support forum. Since we completely manage your forum (keeping it up to date, safe, secure and reliable) we do not provide access to core system files. So long as it's a modification that would not be sql or processor heavy and would be of use to a wide audience then we'll definitely consider it.

Can My Users Upload Attachments?

As you may have noticed, the support and some other forums have the ability to allow attachments in posts. It's a nifty feature making it easy for users to upload images and other files and display them inline in their posts. This is a premium feature and you can upgrade here.

Can I Have My Own Domain Name?

Yes, of course. You'll need to point your domain (or subdomain) A record to our server's IP, then set this domain as yours in your admin control panel under the "domain management" tab. It's all automatic, and in just a few minutes and a couple of clicks you'll have your ProphpBB forum powered by your own domain.

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Room For Expansion

We can host your company, clan, product support, etc. forum seamlessly and transparently through your own website. You can see some of our featured forums, to the left, enjoy the use of this free service. Learn more. In addition, if you ever decide you need more than we have to offer, we'll happily provide you a full backup of your database.

Your Data Is Safe

Our servers and bandwidth are provided by HostDime in Miami, FL. We maintain automatic daily, weekly, and monthly backups off-site to an S3 instance to ensure your data remains safe. With 99.998% uptime since 2007, could you trust your forum with anyone else?